Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is a completely natural cleaner that removes stubborn dirt and stains and leaves an even, protective, streak-free shine. It cleans and restores hard surfaces back their original beauty. 


Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is perfect for all those difficult cleaning jobs around the home - limescale on the shower glass, burned-on food on the ceramic hob, sticky grease on oven glass, grimy garden furniture to name just a few. 

Use it on your granite or laminate work surface, ceramic or gas hob, range cooker, woodburning stove glass, sinks, baths, shower tray, shower glass, bathroom and kitchen tiles, kettle, toaster, uPVC window frames, walls and paintwork. Cleans trophies, musical instruments, garden furniture, skis, tennis shoes etc.

Removes fat, grease, light limescale (and with regular use also heavy limescale), water marks, tar, insects, oil, wax, permanent marker, tarnish, rust marks, burned-on deposits, algae, oxidisation (the chalky dull deposit on weathered plastics and paintwork), rubber scuffs, finger marks on walls  etc. 


The secret of Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner lies in the glycerine it contains. After you clean a microscopic coat of natural glycerine is left on the surface.

This does two jobs. Firstly, it polishes the surface giving it a very even, streak-free finish which can be lightly buffed to give an attractive natural lustre. Secondly, it protects the surface. Water just beads off and dirt doesn't stick so easily which means that it is easier to keep clean.


Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner replaces many of the cleaning products you buy to do individual cleaning jobs. You may have a bottle of hob cleaner in your cupboard, a stainless steel sink cleaner, bleach to remove tea stains, a bath cleaner, metal cleaners and several bottles of "multipurpose" sprays - the list is almost endless.

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner takes care of all of these jobs so it saves you space in your cupboards, reduces clutter and saves you money. 

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is a fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaner. It is kind to the skin and free of toxins, acids and phosphates. The glycerine in the product actually helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture balance, which means Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner does not dry out your hands. Vegetable-based glycerine is a harmless substance, and it is used in many foods and moisturisers.

Because Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner contains no water the environmental cost of distributing and packaging it is much lower than for normal cleaning products.

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner uses the combined natural cleaning power of green soap, soap flakes, glycerine and polishing clay. When they are activated by water in the special sponge they form a lather which actively dissolves dirt. The polishing clay and the sponge together help to agitate the dirt on the surface. The sponge absorbs most of the dirt as you clean, and because it is has very open pores, it can be washed out in water easily. 

The polishing clay is made of such small particles that the product does not scratch hard surfaces. Vegetable-based glycerine seals the surface after cleaning, so that new dirt does not stick to the surface as easily. 


Most cleaning products are liquids, containing up to 95% water, but Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is dry and solid. It is a concentrated natural cleaner, so you don't pay for water - you add water yourself using a damp sponge. 

A 500g tub of Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner therefore goes a long, long way. It is the equivalent of around 50 litres of a liquid cleaning product. And because it can't "dry out" like a paste does, it has an unlimited shelf life. 


Natural ingredients: Soapflakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerine, polishing clay and perfume oils. 


Because Vistal is a fully concentrated cleaning product the amount of plastic needed to package it over its lifetime is up to 20 times less than most liquid cleaning products which can contain 95% water. In other words they take 20 times the amount of plastic to deliver the same amount of cleaning effect than Vistal does. 

Both the container and the lid of Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner are made of recyclable polypropylene so they can both go in your recycling bin after all the product has been used. Used sponges need to go in your normal household waste bin to be incinerated. 

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