Vistal tile cleaner

Ceramic Tile Cleaner

Vistal is an eco-friendly tile cleaner for restoring and maintaining the appearance of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles. 

Cleans and restores ceramic wall tiles 

Vistal removes light limescale, dried soap scum and grease from ceramic tiles and if used regularly it removes heavy limescale too.

Because it contains natural glycerine, water just beads off and therefore new limescale does not stick so easily to the surface.

It also cleans the grout in between the tiles.

Wall tiles cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner
Floor tiles cleaned with Vistal

Cleans and restores Floor tiles 

Vistal removes stubborn dirt such as sticky mess, grease, shoe rubber scuffs and other stains from glazed floor tiles. 

It also cleans the grout in between - the sponge gets in between the tiles to reach the dirt and for harder to remove muck, a toothbrush or small scrubbing brush can also be used. 

Glycerine SHINES and protects tiles

Vistal cleans and leaves a coat of glycerine at the same time.

The glycerine ensures that the surface dries to an even, streak-free shine which protects the surface and helps to prevent dirt from sticking to it. This makes it much easier to keep clean. 

Shiny tiles cleaned with Vistal
"We did some major ceramic tile cleaning with it at an office we manage and I donít reckon they had been properly cleaned for 15 years but this stuff brought them up like new and without too much difficulty.  Good product. Thanks, John Gearing, JG Property Consultants"  

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Name of your itemVistal tile cleaner in 300g tub
300g Tub
with round sponge
Equivalent of 30 litres of a tile cleaning product.
Contains a single round sponge in the tub
Name of your itemVistal bathroom and kitchen tile cleaner
500g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent of 50 litres of a liquid tile cleaner. Will last up to a year if used to clean all surfaces in a bathroom and kitchen.
Vistal Tile Cleaner 800g
850g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent of 80 litres of a liquid cleaning product. Will last up to a 18 months if used to clean all surfaces in a bathroom and kitchen.