Vistal Stainless Steel cleaner

Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Cleaner 

Vistal is a powerful and eco-friendly stainless steel cleaner and restorer which removes tough dirt, tarnish and stains and leaves a protective streak-free shine.  
Stainless steel sink cleaned with Vistal

Cleans and Shines all kinds of Stainless Steel 

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner cleans stainless steel sinks, splashbacks, kettles, toasters, bins, cooker hoods and hobs.

It's also used in commercial kitchens, factories and in outdoor situations, for example to clean garden water features and stainless steel stanchions and railings on bridges.  It can be used to clean brushed stainless steel too. 

It removes grease, tarnish, light limescale, dried food and burn marks quickly and easily. 

Streak-free shine with no fingerprint marks

It leaves a thin coat of glycerine which gives your stainless steel surfaces a very even, streak-free lustre with no finger print marks, so there's no need to apply oil to the surface after cleaning.

The glycerine also helps to stop dirt from sticking to the surface which it easier to keep clean. So for example, limescale does not form so easily on the surface. If used regularly even thick limescale will gradually disappear. 

Effective, SAFE and Economical 

  • Removes stubborn dirt from stainless steel
  • Good for brushed stainless steel too
  • Gives an even, streak-free shine
  • Doesn't scratch
  • Contains no chemicals, acids or toxins
  • Handy sponge gets into troughs and corners
  • VERY long lasting

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Fuel Pump cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface CleanerStainless Steel fire surround cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface CleanerBrushed Stainless Steel Microwave cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface CleanerStainless steel water feature cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface CleanerStainess Steel boat fitting cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner
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    Vistal used as a stainless steel cleaner
    300g Tub with
    round sponge
    Equivalent of 30 litres of a liquid cleaning product.
    800g tub of Vistal for cleaning stainless steel
    850g Tub
    incl. 2 sponges
    Equivalent of 80 litres of a liquid cleaning product.
    Trade bucket of Vistal stainless steel cleaner
    4kg Bucket
    incl. 7 sponges
    Trade cleaning size for use in kitchens and manufacturing.
    Green Hills Cleaning

    Wow - what a fantastic product! It foams beautifully, smells gorgeous and doesn't dry or damage your hands. It cleans and removes limescale and watermarks from stainless steel and shower screens leaving them sparkly and shiny. It even leaves a protective layer behind which helps to repel the water and reduce the watermarks! It does not require a lot of product to produce results - and does not require copious amounts of rinsing to remove. To sum up - we love this product and thoroughly recommend it! Green Hills Cleaning is a green cleaning company in Highworth in the Cotswolds.  
    Amanda Wickens

    Thank you so much for introducing me to this product, our front door and windows are shiny again as our bathroom and kitchen tiles, all stainless steel in the kitchen gleams, loving it :)  
    Adam Devine

    We have recently used Vistal for cleaning stainless steel and were very impressed with the results. Great product - it is easy to use and really does give that wow finish. Adam Devine, Devine Cleaning Services, Basingstoke  
    Paul Styles

    First class product for cleaning dirt from almost any surface without scratching or damaging highly polished surfaces.