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Spring Cleaning with a natural wonder

Spring cleaning really tests the power of your cleaning products. Vistal is a natural wonder that tackles the toughest jobs without using strong chemicals and can be used for multiple tasks around the home to bring back the shine all around your home in the spring or any time of the year. 

In the average home there’s a different cleaning product for every cleaning job; one for the sink, another for the oven, one for limescale on the shower glass – the list is endless. This may suit the manufacturers of cleaning products, but it isn’t economical or convenient for home owners. The makers of Vistal Multi Surfface Cleaner have taken a completely different approach to spring cleaning. Vistal was designed to clean almost any hard surface, so only one product is needed. It contains only natural ingredients but is powerful enough to shift even the toughest dirt such as burned-on food, limescale, dried grease, soap-scum, scuffs and tarnish.

This was achieved with the perfect balance of soap, very fine polishing clay, natural glycerine and a clever sponge which aids the cleaning process. It is perfectly suited to the deep cleaning jobs we do in the spring: the scuffs on doors and walls, the burn marks on ceramic hobs and oven glass, dried-on splashes on the sides of the dishwasher door etc etc.

It polishes and protects surfaces at the same time with natural glycerine. This gives the cleaned surfaces an even, streak-free lustre and helps to keep them clean. For example, after cleaning shower glass for the first time limescale doesn’t stick so easily and it is then easier to keep it clean with a squeegee or just a quick wipe with a dry cloth. Vistal cleans and polishes stainless steel, tiles, tile grout, granite, marble, chrome, painted and varnished surfaces, enamel, plastics such as laminates and PVC, copper, brass, silver and glass. It can be used on all the kitchen and bathroom surfaces as well as many other places around the home. It is supplied as a solid block, so it contains no water and therefore lasts a long time.

Spring cleaning with Vistal Multi Surface CleanerTo use it just wipe a damp sponge across it a few times, squeeze it several times to make a lather, and then use the soapy sponge to clean. The surface can then be rinsed off or polished with a damp cloth, lightly buffed to a shine and the job’s done. Vistal contains no chemicals and has a neutral pH so it is safe for children, pets, and asthma and allergy sufferers. The glycerine even moisturises hands during cleaning! So for a different experience of spring cleaning without strong chemicals this year why not try the natural wonder? Go to the Vistal online shop.

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