Independent Retailers

We sell Vistal succesfully through independent retailers in attractive packaging which explain to customers exactly where and how it can be used and what its benefits are. 

What kind of retail outlets sell Vistal? 

Boat chandlers, caravan shops, online retailers, AGA shops, tile shops, independent DIY / Hardware shops, bathroom suppliers, plumbers etc.


Packaging Options

We have a 500g box which contains two sponges. It has two versions - one for boat chandlers, and the other is a general 500g retail box. Then there is a 300g tub which does not need a box because it has its own sponge in the lid. We can suggest which option would best suit your type of business. 

To find out more

Please fill in the form below and when we have verified you as an independent retailer we will contact you and send you full details about how you can start to sell Vistal in your shop. 

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