Vistal PVC cleaner

UPVC Cleaner and Restorer with no Solvents!

Vistal is a powerful, eco-friendly uPVC cleaner that restores weathered uPVC without the overpowering smell and damage caused by solvent based cleaners or scouring creams.  

Restores & cleans UPVC window frames 

Vistal removes the chalky, dull oxidisation and yellowing that forms on the surface of uPVC window frames, gutters and pipes etc. caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

It restores the colour back to white and also shifts pollen stains, leaf stains, dried bird mess, spider mess and ingrained grey grime. 

After cleaning it leaves a coat of natural glycerine which helps to prevent more dirt from sticking. Rainwater just beads off. 

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"Vistal is great, it cleans and washes off really well. We use it to restore uPVC on sills and heavily tainted areas on window frames and conservatories".
James Evans, Advanced Window Cleaning, Gloucester.   

Quick, Effective and economical UPVC Cleaner

  • VERY long lasting. A 500g tub cleans up to 40m2
  • Neutral pH - does not attack window seals
  • Handy sponge gets into troughs and corners
  • Glycerine protects uPVC for up to 9 months
  • Doesn't scratch uPVC
  • Contains no solvents, harsh chemicals or acids
  • Multiple other uses around the home

Vistal cleans and restores PVC window frames
brings UPVC back to white and shiny 
Window Frames
Gutters & Fascias
UPVC Window Frame
PVC Ballustrade
UPVC Conservatory Windows
UPVC Gutters and Fascias

Safe for you, safe for your windows 

Non-hazardous PVC cleanerAcetone and other solvents are often recommended to clean uPVC - if these chemicals touch window seals they attack the rubber and cause black smears across the white uPVC. 

Vistal contains no solvents, no strong chemicals and is pH neutral so it does not damage the uPVC or window seals. It is safe to use without gloves and does not smell so you can clean all day long without having to worry about it damaging your health. As it is "non-hazardous to health", COSHH regulations do not apply to its use, so there is no need for personal protective equipment and risk assessments while cleaning uPVC.
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Vistal used as a UPVC cleaner
300g Tub with
round sponge
Equivalent of 30 litres of a liquid cleaner. Will clean all the uPVC window frames in a home several times and do many other jobs around the house.
Vistal uPVC restorer
500g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent of 50 litres of a liquid uPVC cleaner.
Will clean dozens of uPVC window frames and do many other jobs around the house.
Trade bucket of Vistal uPVC cleaner
4kg Bucket
incl. 7 sponges
Trade cleaning size for property maintenance businesses etc.
What customers say...
Mr M Smith

Your package arrived this morning thank you, and I am very pleased to say has been successful in cleaning the leaf stain on the UPVC step. Thank you.  
Jacqueline Crawford

Fantastic product. I was looking for a product that would bring up my uPVC Windows back to as good as new. Product did the job excellently.  
Brian Garside

I really rate this for cleaning upvc, its quick and I don;t have to keep buying bottles of PVC cream cleaner for every job we do. Good stuff and thanks for quick delivery too.  
Iain S.

Cleans UPVC brilliantly, getting even the toughest of marks off.  

This product is fantastic, I tried it on my conservatory and could not believe it. Amazing!!  
Fatmir Lula

Very good product it works on pvc windows