Vistal metal cleaner

Metal Cleaner with no smell or sticky mess

Vistal is an eco-friendly metal cleaner made of natural ingredients. It gently removes tarnish from brass, copper, silver, pewter, stainless steel and aluminium.  

Quick, Effective and Economical 

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner removes tarnish from metals quickly and protects at the same time. 

  • Black mess doesn't stick to your fingers
  • Leaves a coat of glycerine that prolonges the shine
  • Handy sponge gets into crevices
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Does not smell
  • Brass knocker cleaned with Vistal"I found it to be an excellent metal cleaning product. I spend normally some ten hours every two months cleaning my modest collection of brass and copper and this has drastically cut the time – and – the result is high on my "Longevity of Shine” index! "   Mr B. Whittle, Shropshire

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    Vistal 300g tub is an effective brass and copper cleaner
    300g tub
    with round sponge
    Equivalent to around 30 litres of a liquid metal cleaner.
    £ 12.95
    Vistal 500g tub is also used for cleaning metals
    500g tub
    incl. 2 sponges
    Equivalent to around 50 litres of a liquid cleaning product.
    Vistal 800g for metal cleaning
    850g Bucket
    incl. 2 sponges
    Equivalent to around 80 litres of a liquid cleaning product.
    Chris Churm.

    A great product! I've found it particularly good for cleaning the brass surrounds on my fireplace, plus the glass for the hob cover and oven doors on my range cooker.. 
    Elizabeth Brush

    I tried it first on very tarnished copper & brass removed years of built up cleaning gunk & left it all looking like new.trying it on all sorts bathroom, kitchen, pots and pans you name it I've tried it. Can highly recommend this product. 
    Tom Barnett

    I love this stuff. Old things look like new again :-)