Vistal kitchen cleaner

ECO Friendly Kitchen Cleaner

Vistal is a multipurpose eco-friendly kitchen cleaner which removes grease, limescale, stubborn stains and burn-marks from hard surfaces all around your kitchen. 
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Kitchen cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner

Use it all around your kitchen

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is specially formulated to restore hard surfaces to their original shine. The natural ingredients and special sponges combine to remove difficult-to-shift dirt and grime all around your kitchen easily.

Vistal leaves a beautifully even, streak-free shine on all the surfaces you clean - this is the natural glycerine that protects the surface and makes it easier to keep clean. 

"Fantastic kitchen cleaner, ideal for all cleaning needs in your kitchen or bathroom or anywhere really. If you have tiled floors - this will remove any marks on them. Brings stainless steel up like new and can also use to clean your oven." Lisa Aston

Kitchen Cleaning without the cupboard Clutter

Look in the cleaning cupboard of any kitchen and you will find at least 10 cleaning products, each made to do a different job. There is often a granite cleaner to remove water spots, a stainless steel cleaner for the sink, perhaps a scouring product to remove burn marks from cookware, and of course either a scraper or special cleaner to remove burn marks from the ceramic hob.

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is a small tub that tackles all these kitchen cleaning jobs. It goes a long way, is compact and substantially reduces the clutter in your cupboards.

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Name of your itemVistal eco friendly kitchen cleaner
300g Tub
with round sponge
Equivalent to 30 litres of a liquid kitchen cleaner.
Contains a single round sponge in the tub
Name of your itemVistal multipurpose kitchen cleaner
500g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent of 50 litres of a liquid cleaning product. Will last up to a year if used to clean all surfaces in a kitchen and bathroom.
Vistal 800g can be used as an oven cleaner
850g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent of 80 litres of a liquid cleaning product. Will last up to a 18 months if used to clean all surfaces in a kitchen and bathroom.
Monica Collier

Arrived on time. Used today on Aga it works wonderfully can't wait to use on upvc  
Tim C.

Saw this product on line when looking for a cleaner for chrome on my toaster. It lived up to reviews, an excellent product that is easy to use. Subsequently used it on other hard surfaces which it cleaned remarkably well.  
Amanda S.

The best cleaning product I have ever used. Vistal has transformed the look of my granite worktops, stainless steel appliances, hob, cooker glass, bathrooms - everything I've used it on. It goes on effortlessly and wipes off cleanly. I'll never want to use anything else again.  
Diane N.

I used it on a friends Aga in Hampshire. It hadn't been cleaned for ages and it was hot when we did it but it worked a treat using a gentle steel scourer, which did not scratch the enamel. I left your product on the aga for a minute or two and went over it with a damp jay clothe. It took a while but the result was amazing. It is a brilliant product. Also it leaves the enamel surface looking shiney as if it had been polished. It must be the glycerin that gives the enamel that lustre.  
Colin R.

I've tried this product out on my Stanley Range cooker/heating, similar to Rayburn. It has almost removed the baked on stuff from the surfaces, a second application required later, but did better than expected first time. Next is to try out on my motorhome as some of the plastic surfaces have discoloured and also to give the exterior surfaces a go with this Vistal.  
Audrey Y.

I first ordered this item at Ideal Home exhibition 4 years ago and wouldn't be without it.. I do not need any other cleaning liquids now.  
Caroline Reilly

This product is AMAZING! I've cleaned my granite work tops, kettle, oven, toaster and tiles and I am VERY impressed!  
Rod Brown-Lee

I use this superb product on my boats, taps, ceramic sink, hob, shower screens etc. It is brilliant. I have just found a new use for it. We have oak worktops in our kitchen. Somehow, we get horrible round dark rings on the oiled surface. we have tried so many products on them and resigned ourselves to having to sand back the whole worktop and totally refinish. I applied Vistal 3 times on the 4 rings, leaving it to soak for 5 minutes between applications and scrubbing pretty hard. They have totally disappeared. So impressed.  
Karen C.

Cleaned some kitchen Appliances brought them up like new.  

Excellent product - does what it says - left my Aga gleaming