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Stainless kitchen sink, ceramic hob, granite kitchen worktop, stainless kettle, clean oven glass, kitchen cabinets, AGA range cooker, Dualit toaster, clean cookware, kitchen floor tiles

500g tub of Vistal eco friendly kitchen cleaner
Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is a multipurpose eco-friendly kitchen cleaner which removes grease, limescale, stubborn stains and burn-marks from hard surfaces all around your kitchen without using any strong chemicals.  


Modern clean white kitchen with shiny stone worsurfaces, induction hob , sink and kitchen cabinets

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is specially formulated to restore hard surfaces to their original shine. The natural ingredients and special sponges combine to remove difficult-to-shift dirt and grime all around your kitchen easily. 

Vistal leaves a beautifully even, streak-free shine on all the surfaces you clean - this is the natural glycerine that protects the surface and makes it easier to keep clean. 

Removes water spots from kettles and stainless sinks, burn marks from toasters, ceramic hobs, cooker glass and cookware and marks from floor and wall tiles. 

Look in the cleaning cupboard of any kitchen and you will find at least 10 cleaning products, each made to do a different job. There is often a granite cleaner to remove water spots, a stainless steel cleaner for the sink, perhaps a scouring product to remove burn marks from cookware, and of course either a scraper or special cleaner to remove burn marks from the ceramic hob. 

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is a small tub that tackles all these kitchen cleaning jobs. It goes a long way, is compact and substantially reduces the clutter in your cupboards. 
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