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Dampen the sponge provided and wipe across the product two or three times. Squeeze the sponge several times to get a lather. As you use the soapy sponge to clean it absorbs the dirt. Rinse the dirty sponge regularly with clean water. Wipe the surface with a damp or dry cloth to remove the residue, or simply rinse with water. Buff lightly if required with a dry cloth.


1. To make your tub of Vistal last as long as possible make sure it doesn't get too damp. If it is wet or sticky after you have used it leave the lid off to let it dry. That way you won't use too much the next time you use it. 

2. Cleaning tile grout or other rough surfaces may damage the sponge. In this case you can apply Vistal with the sponge but then use a stiff brush or grout brush to scrub with. For very tough dirt you could use a Scotchbrite pad, but be sure to check first that it is doesn't scratch the surface you are cleaning.