Vistal hob cleaner

Ceramic HOB Cleaner and Stove glass cleaner

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is a powerful eco-friendly ceramic hob cleaner and stove glass cleaner that removes burned-on deposits easily and leaves a beautiful, streak-free shine.  
Ceramic Hob cleaned with Vistal MSC

Removes Burn marks from Ceramic Hobs

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner works with a special sponge to remove the most difficult-to-shift burned-on food marks, water marks and charring from glass surfaces such as ceramic hobs, oven glass and woodburning stove glass. There's no need to use a blade to scrape off marks - Vistal removes them gently.  

It's not acidic or alkaline and contains no strong chemicals so it is safe to use without gloves. 

" Vistal is easier to use on my hob and wood burning stove glass because the sponge rinses out so easily and it gets a better result. Great stuff all around the house."  Joanna Lovett. 

Ceramic Hob with burns marks to be cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface CleanerVistal sponge being used to clean ceramic hobElectric hob after cleaning with VistalWiping residue after cleaning a hob with Vistal MSCBuffing a ceramic hob after cleaning with Vistal MSCEven, streak-free shine on clean ceramic hob
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Vistal used as a Ceramic hob cleaner
300g Tub with
round sponge
Equivalent of 30 litres of a liquid hob cleaner. Use it on your ceramic hob and many other jobs around the house.
Vistal stove glass cleaner
500g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent of 50 litres of a liquid stove glass cleaner.
Use it to clean your hob and do many other jobs around the house.
800g tub of Vistal hob cleaner
850g tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent of 80 litres of a liquid cleaning product.