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Cleaning Stainless Steel Water Features

Cleaning Stainless Steel Water Features
At BBC Gardeners World the surprise was how many people were interested in cleaning stainless steel water features.

One of the neighbouring stands at the show sold stainless steel spheres and obelisks which water constantly runs over. The water needs to run evenly over the surfaces so they recommend cleaning using a stainless steel cleaner, then rub over with a special oil. I suggested they give Vistal a try because it not only cleans, but also leaves a coat of glycerine on the surface which water just runs off. They did and were so impressed they started asking customers over to our stand to buy from us.

We were kindly sent these pictures by Anton Ward after the show. He used Vistal to clean the stainless steel water feature in the communal garden at their condominium. He says that they had tried a number of products to remove the stubborn algae, but none that did the job as easily and thoroughly as Vistal with such as great finish. 

Another customer pointed out that cleaning products with phosphates in them are a problem for stainless steel water features which are situated on lakes. The phosphates in many cleaning products contribute to the production of algae in the lake and are banned in many places. Vistal contains none so it is safe to use.

Cleaner for stainless steel water featureMany stainless steel water features have a very high shine. Vistal doesn't scratch so it is fine to use - many people use it to clean stainless steel sinks and are delighted with the finish they get because it actually looks better than ever before. This is due not just to the way Vistal works, but also because of the glycerine coat left on the surface. It seals the surface and gives it a very even, streak-free finish. Go to Vistal online shop.

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