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Cleaning a Static Caravan - Raising the Standard

Cleaning a Static Caravan - Raising the StandardWe took a tub of Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner with us on holiday over Easter not because we expected that the caravan needed to be cleaned, rather than the fact that Vistal is so compact, so it took so very little space in the car, and we didn't want to buy any cleaning products when we arrived apart from some washing-up liquid. 

Well the static caravan we hired on hoilday in Brittany wasn't exactly dirty, but just not very clean in places. Rather than clean the whole caravan top to bottom we cleaned some things and took these photos for the blog. So this post isn't so much about how to clean a static caravan top-to-bottom, but how to get much better results when you do it. The pictures below show how easy it would be to make a dramatic improvement in the caravan's appearance with very little extra effort if the company used Vistal after each occupancy.

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner used to clean a statiic caravanThey show how it cleans stubborn dirt and marks from shower glass, hobs, taps, floors and walls. It is equally good for restoring PVC window frames and ballustrades, cleaning glass and mirrors, wooden or plastic garden furniture, painted surfaces, sinks and shower trays. One tub does all of these jobs around the caravan so there's no need for lots of cleaning product for different surfaces. And of course, it is a completely natural cleaner, so there is no need to use rubber gloves or worry about allergies. 

Shower glass partially cleaned with Vistal
Shower Glass

The shower glass was so covered in soap scum and it looked really dull.

This picture shows how the soap scum was removed from a band across the shower glass in order to illustrate the difference between before and after cleaning.

The glycerine in Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner seals the surface so that water just beads off it and the soap scum and/or limescale doesn't stick so easily. 

Cooker Hob
Cooker Hob before and after

Before and after. Vistal is great for cutting through grease after cooking but it also removes burn marks from around gas rings on a hob (also for cleaning ceramic hobs) and leaves a great shine. 

Shower Tap
Shower Tap

It took literally 10 seconds to get the right-hand half of this tap shiny again with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner. 

Scuffs and floor polish removed from walls
Scuffs and marks removed from walls

Vistal makes it very easy to remove scuffs and dirt from walls. The wall covering here was textured but the sponge gets into the contours of the material easily. It cleans the plastic edge strip too.

Scuffs marks on flooring material
Scuff marks on flooring material 

There was a 25 cm long, black scuff in the doorway to one of the bedrooms. It looked like it was rubber or plastic from a shoe or perhaps the wheel of suitcase or pram dragged sideways across the floor. Here you can see that Vistal has removed the bottom half of it. The indentation is still partially visible but all of the black material has gone and it didn't scratch the surface. 

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