Vistal motorhome cleaner

Caravan and Motorhome Cleaner

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is an effective and convenient caravan and motorhome cleaner that restores and protects the hard surfaces of your caravan or motorhome.

Cleans and restores the Shine

Vistal easily removes the chalky dull oxidisation that forms on the exterior surfaces of your caravan or motorhome, particularly GRP and paintwork, and leaves an even, streak-free shine. It also removes black streaks, grease, tar spots, rubber scuffs and algae

It contains no harmful chemicals, solvents, acid or alkali so you can safely use it on all kinds of material - paintwork, GRP fibreglass, ABS, aluminium, acrylic glass and mastic.

"This stuff is amazing. Our motorhome is gleaming and it took so little effort. I really wasn't sure it would work but it looks great. Many thanks."  
Helene Carter.  

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Effective, economical and safe to use

  • Removes oxidisation from exterior surfaces
  • Doesn't scratch
  • Contains no solvents, acid or alkali
  • Safe to use without gloves
  • Leaves an even shine with a protective coat of glycerine
  • Very long-lasting

Vistal isn't just a great caravan & motorhome cleaner. Learn more about it here. 

Use it inside your caravan or motorhome too

Keep it with you for everyday cleaning - showers, cooking hobs and sinks etc.

It removes grease, light limescale, tea stains, soap scum and hard to remove dirt, like burnt-on food on your induction hob and pans.

Vistal replaces many of the cleaning products you would normally take with you so it saves space, and because it is 100% concentrated it is very compact too. 

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Eco friendly caravan cleaner
500g tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent to 50 litres of a liquid cleaning product. Enough to restore and clean the outside of a 18' caravan at least twice.
Eco friendly motorhome cleaner
850g tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent to 80 litres of a liquid cleaning product. Enough to restore and clean the outside of a 18' caravan at least three times.
Large Sponge for Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner
Large Sponge
Additional larger sponge 10cm x 9.5cm x 4cm for cleaning larger flat areas