Vistal boat cleaner

ONE Boat Cleaner For All of your boat!

Why use a different cleaning product for every job on board when one will take care of most of them? 

Vistal is multi-purpose boat cleaner"One pot does the lot"

Vistal can be used all around your boat to remove the stubborn dirt, stains and marks from gelcoat, fittings, fenders, windows, RIB tubes, upholstery, headlinings and even in the galley. 

It's a safe, compact and effective helper to keep on board for many different jobs all around your boat. And it doesn't spill!

Hunter Channel 31 Yacht
"It's the best I've ever used to clean the boat (Hunter Channel 31 Yacht)." Fred Bishop. 

See more comments by boat owners at the bottom of this page.

Cleaning and restoring Gelcoat 

Vistal removes the chalky oxidisation and yellowing on gelcoat caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. It also removes brown waterline stains, algae, lichen spots, exhaust marks, black streaks and rust stains from the surface of GRP without scratching it.

The sponge gets into hard-to-reach places such as edges and the troughs of non-slip decks.

Vistal does not contain oxalic acid as most branded gelcoat cleaners do but it works just as effectively through the combined action of its ingredients and the special sponges.

Gelcoat cleaned with Vistal

Cleaning Stainless steel fittings

Vistal removes dried water spots, rust stains, dried salt water deposits and tarnish from stainless steel fittings and returns the shine to them. 

The glycerine in Vistal repels salt water so it just beads off and keeps it cleaner for longer thereby prolonging the life of your fittings. The handy sponges gets into all the crevices. 

Stainless boat fittings cleaned with Vistal

Cleaning PLEXIGLASS and SprayCover windows

Boat owners also like to use Vistal to remove dried water spots on Plexiglass windows and the windows of sprayhoods and cockpit enclosures to remove dried water spots.

The glycerine in Vistal repels salt water so it just beads off and keeps it cleaner for longer.

Spraycover window cleaned with Vistal

Cleaning RIB tubes

Vistal is popular choice for cleaning Hypalon and PVC RIB tubes. The sponges are ideal for cleaning textured surfaces like RIB tubes and of course it does a great job of the fibreglass and stainless steel fittings too.   

If you want to just remove a scuff or marks it is easy to do without making any mess. Just clean it off as usual and wipe the residue straight off with a dry cloth. 

RIB tubes cleaned with Vistal

Cleaning Fenders

Fenders suffer from everything the environment, marinas and other boats can throw at them. 

Vistal removes anything from the surface of fenders without damaging their smooth surface. In addition Vistal leaves a coat of glycerine which helps to keep fenders cleaner for longer. 

Fender cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner

Effective, economical and safe boat cleaner

  • One 500g tub cleans all of a 10m boat 
  • Removes stubborn dirt without scratching
  • Contains no phosphates, toxins or acids
  • No need to wear gloves
  • Doesn't spill on board
Also use it to restore upholstery (leather and vinyls) canvas, headlinings, galley stoves etc. 

Vistal is listed in the RYA's Green Directory

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is approved by the Royal Yachting Association's Green Blue initiative for inclusion in their Green Directory. 

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Tub of Vistal Natural Boat Cleaner
500g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent to 50 litres of a liquid boat cleaner and enough to clean all of a 10m (32') boat.
Tub of Vistal gelcoat hull cleaner
850g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent to 80 litres of a liquid boat cleaner - enough to clean all of an 8m (26') boat twice
Large sponge for cleaning gel coat
Large sponge
Additional larger sponge 10cm x 9.5cm x 4cm for cleaning larger flat areas
Customer Comments
Mike leicester

Every boat should have this on board. 1st rate product, I used it to get bird muck stains of my boat deck and it worked brilliantly with little effort. I also used it on my ceramic hob and what a difference it made. I highly recommend it. 
Michael hayman

Vistal is amazing. Thus far it has cleaned gel coat, teak, paintwork and is very good for brass. Wonderful stuff. 

- Michael Hayman, Port Officer for the Ocean Cruising Club on the River Dart.
Andrew Mold

Vistal proved to be a real find for me. I first bought it at SBS about 3 years ago and now I use it all over the boat, it's also great for removing the dark streaks you get down the hull from the rubbing strake etc.

For some months I have been using Vistal on the different materials found on my boat CATINOU, my 1983 Westerly Fulmar. The product works particularly well on the weathered gel coat around the cockpit and coach roof. Used carefully in accordance with the clear instructions and using the special coarse sponge supplied I found I was able to easily prepare the surface ready for polishing after which the boat gleamed and looked much younger than she actually is. I was very pleased with the product and in particular the ease of use. I have also used it on the teak decking in the cockpit, applied with an old worn kitchen pot scourer and rinsed with copious amounts of water the teak came up looking very good indeed.

- Roger Best, MVO
pamela chart

I first bought a tub of Vistal last year at the Beale Park Boat Show and wouldn't be without it now. We keep a tub on board and use it all over the boat. It's great for removing the dark streaks down the hull from the rubbing strake and brilliant on fenders and fittings, and even inside the boat.       

- Pamela Chart, Vice Chair Association of Thames Yacht Clubs 
Chris Mitchell

I bought a tub at the Southampton Boat Show last year in the vague hope it might lessen the amount of elbow grease needed to clean the hull of my Drascombe Coaster. To my surprise your product worked very well and so proved to be excellent value for money. Many thanks.
alex bell, Practical Boat owner, JUne 2015

PBO Verdict. I have been using this product for several years and now keep a tub on the boat and one at home. It works wonders on glassfibre, stainless steel and even on softer surfaces such as fenders, the windows of spray covers and PVC upholstery. It's particularly good on glassfibre decks because it leaves the surface non-slip, unlike some other boat cleaning products. It also works a treat on stainless steel. A 500g tub lasts me a good season's application and retails at £18.95. Recommended. Alex Bell
mark davies

We used this to clean our 27ft boat, Fairline Carrera, it not only cleaned all those hard to shift algae stains, but polished the surface to a brilliant white shine, almost looks like a new boat again! Not bad for a 21 year old cruiser, also very economical, 1 500g tub to clean the whole boat inside and out, also cleaned up the leather seats which before using it we were thinking of getting recovered. Just ordered a bigger tub. Excellent product!
Nick Wall, Canal Boat magazine, JUne 2015

No sweat cleaning. It takes a lot to impress me these days - a lot of boat kit comes through CB towers that doesn't always match up top its PR... then occasionally something appears and exceeds it. There are plenty of good boat cleaning products out there, but when it comes to shifting grime, particularly oxidisation on fibreglass and GRP, that can be a pain in the arm. Step forward Vistal. It's a dry solid that comes alive when wetted and uses fine polishing clay to shift tough muck; not only that, it leaves behind a thin glycerine coating that protects the surface and polishes up - and it works, superbly. I used it on some stubbornly dirty GRP and the results were brilliant, quick and easy. It can be used on all sorts of materials from plastic to metal and paintwork (though we'd suggest caution on soft paint, so check on a small patch first.) What's more, all the ingredients are natural and it's biodegradable. Great stuff to give the boat a good shine.  

I would like to say how effective your product was on my 35 year old 27' boat!
I bought a tub at the boatshow but didn't hold out much hope that it would actually live up to expection as, like most desperate yachties, I've tried practically everything to get the lacklustre hull and topsides dulled by oxidisation and grime clean and shiny. However, it was not only quick and easy to use with a brilliant result but, as a life-long excema sufferer, was also pleasant too. I'm not quite sure how, but my skin actually looked and felt better after I had finished (I'm guessing it's due to all that micro-abrasion etc) -- an excellent result all round! I've just ordered 2 more tubs...
I've recommended it to everyone at the Club and do wish you every success.
- Kind regards,  B. Sims, Suffolk
Rob Storrar

Probably one of the most useful cleaners to have on board for use on just about anything. Good at home too! 
Cliff D.

Great cleaner for all sorts of surfaces especially good on fibreglass and stainless on my boat. Lasts me just over a year for one 800 g tub so good value for money. Wouldn't be without it. 
Amanda Wright

Used Vistal to clean the topsides of a 40ft sailing yacht. It really worked and brought the white up lovely and shiny. See a picture of "Sea Rover"@The Wright Way Boat Cleaning. Will definitely be using it for more jobs too. - Amanda Wright, The Wright Way Boat Cleaning, Dorset 
Stuart Baker

great for removing stubborn marks off the boat fenders