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Boat Cleaner

A Beneteau sailing boat in full sail with graphic saying a natural boat cleaner to use all around your boat

500g tub of Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner shown to illustrate eco friendly boat cleaning A NATURAL MULTI PURPOSE BOAT CLEANER

Vistal can be used all around your boat to remove the stubborn dirt, stains and marks from gelcoat, fittings, fenders, windows, RIB tubes, upholstery, headlinings and even in the galley. It's a safe, compact and effective boat cleaner to keep on board for many different jobs around your boat. And it doesn't spill!


Fibreglass gelcoat cleaned with Vistal boat cleaner showing a heavily oxidised area of gelcoat and a cleaned area

Vistal is an simple and effective gelcoat cleaner and restorer. It removes the chalky oxidisation and yellowing on gelcoat caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. It also removes brown waterline stains, algae, lichen spots, exhaust marks, black streaks and rust stains from the surface of GRP without scratching it. 

The sponge gets into hard-to-reach places such as edges and the troughs of non-slip decks. It can also be used with a 4" or 10cm or smaller polishing sponge drill attachment. 

Vistal does not contain oxalic acid as most branded gelcoat cleaners do but it works just as effectively through the combined action of its ingredients and the sponge action. 
Stainless steel boat mooring cleat on the deck  of a yacht

Vistal removes dried water spots, rust stains, dried salt water deposits and tarnish from mooring cleats, stanchions, handrails and other stainless steel fittings, and returns the shine to them. 

The glycerine in Vistal repels salt water so it just beads off and keeps it cleaner for longer thereby prolonging the life of your fittings. The handy sponges gets into all the crevices. 
Clean spray hood windows on a boat cleaned with Vistal

Boat owners also like to use Vistal to remove dried water spots on Plexiglass windows and the windows of sprayhoods and cockpit enclosures to remove dried water spots. 

The glycerine in Vistal repels salt water so it just beads off and keeps it cleaner for longer.
Rib-X RIB at speed with RIB tube cleaner

Vistal is popular choice for cleaning Hypalon and PVC RIB tubes. The sponges are ideal for cleaning textured surfaces like RIB tubes.  

If you want to just remove a scuff or a mark it is easy to do without making any mess. Just clean it off as usual and wipe the residue straight off with a dry cloth. 
A pair of immaculate white boat fenders with blue caps tied to a motorboat

Boat fenders suffer from everything the environment, marinas and other boats can throw at them. 

Vistal is a highly effective boat fender cleaner that removes anything from the surface without damaging their smooth surface. In addition Vistal leaves a coat of glycerine which helps to keep them cleaner for longer. 

The Green Directory Listed Product logo indicating eco friendly boat cleaning products

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is approved by the Royal Yachting Association's Green Blue initiative for inclusion in their Green Directory. 

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