Vistal bathroom cleaner

Eco friendly Bathroom Cleaner

Vistal is a safe, non-allergenic and eco-friendly bathroom cleaner that cleans away stubborn dirt from all the surfaces of your bathroom.
A bathroom cleaned with eco friendly Vistal

All round bathroom cleaner

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner easily removes light limescale, dried soap scum and grime from all bathroom surfaces such as shower glass, bathroom tiles, bathroom fittings, sinks and baths.

It can be used on vitreous china as well as plastic baths. The handy sponge also removes the yellowing from the non-slip areas at the bottom of baths and shower trays. 

Water beads on a chrome bathroom fitting after cleaning with Vistal

Beautiful protective shine

Vistal leaves a coat of glycerine on the surface which gives a shiny, protective, streak-free finish to everything. Water just beads off. 

The glycerine also helps to stop new limescale from forming. If used regularly heavier limescale will gradually disappear too. 

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner has a neutral pH so it does not damage chrome and seals. 
Shower Glass
bath tiles
Sinks & baths
Chrome Fittings
Clean shower glassCeramic bath tiles and red towelSink and bathChrome Bathroom Tap
"Our installers use Vistal to clean up new bathrooms after installation to leave them pristine. It gets rid of any marks and mess and it's not acidic on fittings, so we're really happy to recommend it to customers too"   Maria of Tadley Bathrooms.  
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Vistal eco friendly bathroom cleaning product
300g Tub
with round sponge
Equivalent of 30 litres of a liquid bathroom cleaner.
Contains a single round sponge in the tub
Natural bathroom cleaner Vistal
500g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent of 50 litres of a liquid cleaning product. Will last up to a year if used to clean all surfaces in a bathroom and kitchen.
800g tub of Vistal natural bathroom cleaner
850g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent of 80 litres of a liquid cleaning product. Will last up to a 18 months if used to clean all surfaces in a bathroom and kitchen.
Kim Pickering

I love cleaning and highly rate this product will give it a 10 out of 10 its a must have in your household cleaning and you will not be disapointed.  
Bob M.

We much prefer an enamel bath but found that after much use we could not shift the soap scum that builds up along the water line even with lots of elbow grease. After a search online we found ‘Vistal' and have never looked back. It does what it says on the packet! With just one wipe and after a few minutes wait, one can see immediately that ‘Vistal' cuts through the grime leaving the enamel gleaming white. You can also use it on your stainless steel items such as once shiny kitchen sinks - again you will be delighted to see the sparkling result. ‘Vistal' is simply a ‘brilliant’ product and we recommend it to all. - Bob M, Beaconsfield, South Buckinghamshire.  
Allison Spittles

Just used Vistal for the first time on my bathrooms, easy to use and left everything gleaming. Even did a good job on the limescale on shower door. Very pleased!  
Mary Dibben

I think its incredible stuff. We have a B&B near Lyndhurst and have told loads of my visitors about it. Not only does it actually work but its a eco friendly product. I also found it works really well to clean up your hands after painting etc. it is soft and kind to skin.  
Lisa E.

I was delighted with this product. I had tried everything to get the black scuff marks off my bath and this did it straight away. I also used it to wash my white wood windows and they now look freshly painted. It is so versatile and gives great results without the scrubbing.  
Marlene Tua Clark.

Excellent cleaning product. I do not want to clean with any other product but Vistal. Leaves everything shiny and clean. No fumes or smells, perfect to prevent bouts of allergy.  
Sam Cripps

I bought a tub for the boat, but found it so useful around the house that I had to buy another tub to keep on the boat!  
Pauline Quinn

This product is amazing a fabulous cleaning addition to any household. I would highly recommend it.