How to clean the glass on a Jotul woodburning stove

The woodburning stove we have at home is the popular Jotul F3. It has the airwash system which in theory keeps the stove glass clean, but in our experience some log types are worse than others. Last year's oak, although it seemed fully seasoned, perhaps could have done with another year. It seems that every time we burn it the glass gets very dirty, and a large part of the pleasure of owning a woodburning stove in the dark winter evenings is to see the flames and their comforting glow.

It's easy to get rid of loose carbon from the glass - just a piece of screwed up newspaper will do the trick. But if there is burned-on tar and creosote that can be very hard to remove. The video below shows the glass on our Jotul being cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner. The product is designed to remove stubborn dirt from all kinds of hard surfaces. It is used together with a special sponge, and combined with its main ingredient which is very fine clay, it is very effective.  The sponge is designed to be open so it can be rinsed through very easily and returns to its yellow colour even though it was totally black after cleaning the glass. 

So there is no need to buy a specialist product to clean the woodburning stove glass, whether it's a Jotul or any other woodburning stove. We use Vistal to clean the ceramic hob, and the oven, as well as many other jobs in the kitchen and bathroom and, as a result, we have far fewer bottles of cleaning products under the sink. It's also completely natural so it's safe to use without gloves and contains no harmful chemicals. 

Vistal for cleaning woodburning stove glass

Find out more about Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner
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Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in the UK

The World Tourist Organisation has published statistics which suggest that ecotourism (tourism directed towards exotic natural environments) is the fastest growing segment in the travel industry right now. 

With climate change on the lips of scholars, scientists and politicians alike, it is more important than ever to look after the environment. These changes neednít be ground-breaking or time-consuming either, you can make a difference to the environment by making simple changes to your lifestyle. For instance, one of the easiest ways is to find an eco-friendly place to stay on your holidays.

You may be surprised to learn that clay bricks (the material used for mainstream hotels and other built-up accommodation) are incredibly harmful to the environment. The clay used for bricks are typically mined out of the earth, which can lead to soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and pollution. 

Luckily, Haven Holidays offer accommodation which is both family and eco-friendly. Just look at their glamorous camping options. From super-tents to cosy yurts, and safari tents to geo domes, Havenís glamping UK holidays offer green accommodation which makes use of sustainable cotton and polyester building materials, rather than clay bricks. 

Best of all, Havenís relaxing eco-friendly resorts arenít in the middle of nowhere; they are dotted along the UKís most fun-filled and picturesque beachfronts, so there is always plenty to do with the little ones. 

Each glamping holiday uses minimal amounts of electricity, gas and water, while tents come fully-assembled with cookers, fridges and beds. With everything set up ready for families visiting the park, it makes reducing your carbon footprint whilst travelling with the kids even simpler!

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Cleaning and restoring domestic appliances at Edinburgh prison

We were delighted and intrigued to be contacted by Steven Rae from the domestic appliance workshop at Edinburgh Prison this week. He was looking for a product which is safe to use but is effective at removing stubborn dirt from a range of surfaces found in domestic appliances, such as washing machines, fridges, toasters etc.  

Steven explained how the inmates repair and fully refurbish domestic appliances for charity. They finish on average 100 machines per month and give them to local charities, all free of charge. Many of the machines are supplied by Tayside recycling and others come from council recycling centres. When they are in full working order and have been cleaned up they are passed on to charities such as EFI (Edinburgh Furniture Initiative) and Furniture Plus who sell them at low prices through their stores in Edinburgh, Dysart and Dunfermline. The workshop is proud of the fact that 95% of the machines they receive go back out in full working order and in a saleable condition. In fact they have been so successful that they reached the last 5 of the 2017 Scottish Public Service Awards. 

HMP Edinburgh18 prisoners work in the domestic appliance workshop. While they work they are also training for their City and Guilds qualification in white goods repair. The instructors including Steve himself are fully qualified City and Guilds instructors.

Steve's ethos of only using eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products fits in perfectly with the prison's duty of care to the prisoners. Vistal's Multi Surface Cleaner is currently on trial with the team there. 

Talk about a win-win! This must be a win-win-win-win. Fewer white goods go to landfill or need to be broken up, charities make money from selling the machines and people on low incomes can buy them much more cheaply than new machines. Added to which the prisoners are learning new skills which they can use when they leave prison. 

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How to clean the outside of a stainless steel kettle

Cleaning the limescale spots from the outside of a stainless steel kettle is a 2 minute job with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner and it leaves the kettle looking like new again.

A lot of the limescale can be just wiped away with a microfibre cloth, but there is always a residual amount which is stuck to the kettle (see first picture below). This isn't surprising because the water drops that run down the kettle after you have poured some water evaporate off quickly because the kettle is very hot, leaving hard limescale on the surface.  

The process with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is as follows:- Dampen the sponge and wipe across the product and squeeze to get foam. Rub the surface of the stainless steel until the limescale spots have gone. Wipe away the white residue from the kettle with a damp cloth. Finally buff lightly with a dry cloth.

Vistal leaves a microscopic layer of glycerine on the surface which gives a very even, streak-free shine. Go to the Vistal online shop.

A stainless steel kettle with limescale spotsThe outside of a stainless steel kettle after removal of limescale spots with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner
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How to clean and restore the shine to a Dualit Toaster

The answer on Dualit's web site to the question "How do I clean my classic toaster" is as follows :-

"With a damp cloth. Stainless steel cleaner can be used on the central cover only. It should not be used on the ends as this would cause discolouration. Instead we recommend that you clean the end castings with a damp cloth and then use a soft dry cloth to polish them afterwards."

But what people find is that the aluminium end castings oxidise (go dull) and dark spots form on the surface. They are difficult or impossible to remove with a damp microfibre cloth as are the burn marks on the stainless steel cover. 

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner removes the burn marks, oxidisation, grease and spots from aluminium AND stainless steel parts in one go. It's 
an easy and effective way of restoring Dualit toasters to pristine condition and at the same time it leaves a protective, even, streak-free shine.

To see how it works and for some tips on cleaning Dualit toasters see the video below, or learn all about Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner

A Dualit toaster before and after cleaning

The stainless steel cover and aluminium end castings of a Dualit toaster before and after cleaning

Dualit Toaster after cleaning with Vistal - good as new



Aluminium end casings below showing black spots on left-hand images and removed after cleaning in the right-hand image

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner ideal for cleaning Dualit toasters
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Cleaning the Aluminium skin of an Airstream Trailer

At the Southern Motorcaravan Show in Newbury this month we were approached by an Airstream owner to test our Multi Surface Cleaner to clean the aluminium skin of their Airstream trailer. We lent them a pot to try and they came back 15 minutes to say it worked brilliantly, getting rid of the white vertical streaks and the dullness on the outside.

Airstream Caravan needs cleaning

The cleaned area in the middle was done with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner. We showed them that the surface repels water and helps to keep the tarnish at bay (as for all other metal cleaning jobs) - that's the glycerine in it which also helps to give an really even, streak-free shine.

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