500g Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner

    Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner cleans and restores the shine to all kinds of plastics like uPVC, fibreglass, ABS and even vinyls without scratching and without the use of strong chemicals or solvents. It shifts stubborn dirt and does many other jobs at home and in your hobbies.  

    It protects hard surfaces with a coat of glycerine which leaves an even, streak-free shine. To discover everything it cleans and how to use it go to Multi Surface Cleaner

    It is a solid block and is therefore very long lasting. A 500g tub will clean an area of roughly 50m2 of plastics or other hard surfaces. 

    Supplied with two regular sponges.

    FREE delivery in the UK

    Brand : Vistal

    Product Code : VMSC500

    Weight : 0.5kg