300g Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner

    Eco friendly Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner restores the shine to hard surfaces all around your kitchen, bathroom and many other jobs at home, at work and in your hobbies.  It removes stubborn dirt, tarnish, burn marks and water spots from sinks, baths, tiles, taps, shower glass, kettles, toasters, hobs, range cookers, oven glass etc. 

    It cleans without the use of strong chemicals or sprays and protects surfaces with a coat of natural glycerine which leaves an even, streak-free shine. To discover all it cleans and how to use it go to Multi Surface Cleaner

    Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is a solid block that is very long lasting. A 300g tub is the equivalent of around 30 litres of a liquid detergent. A 300g tub lasts 6 to 9 months to clean a kitchen and bathroom. 

    The 300g size comes with a circular sponge in the tub. 

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    Brand : Vistal

    Product Code : VMSC300

    Weight : 0.3kg