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300gThe 300g size comes with a circular sponge in the tub

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Customer reviews
Excellent product...does what it says and more. Cleans pans, caravans, sinks, shoes...will definitely be getting more!!
Rosie P.
Very good product,brought up shine on old stainless steel draining board first time it was used.
Mervyn W.
Used it on a 9 yr old motorhome that we have just bought to try and bring the bodywork back to life and it worked really well.
Howard S.
The product has removed stains from my vehicle bodywork which other products didnít touch.
After 4 years standing SORN the product also had the ability and result of returning a shine to my vehicle.
Mark A.
An amazing cleaning product, I would thoroughly recommend it.
Sadie M.
No comments.
Easy to use and extremely effective. A little goes a long way.
Mary P.
Got this to clean my freedom caravan which has been in storage for 6 months brought the caravan back to like new highly recommended.
Robert A.
I have only used once since receiving it , on my PVC window frames. So far, quite pleased with the result.
Jocelyn C.
The best cleaning product I have ever used. Vistal has transformed the look of my granite worktops, stainless steel appliances, hob, cooker glass, bathrooms - everything I've used it on. It goes on effortlessly and wipes off cleanly. I'll never want to use anything else again.
Amanda S.