Vistal boat cleaner

ONE Boat Cleaner For All of your boat!

Why use a different cleaning product for every job on board when one will take care of most of them? Vistal removes stubborn dirt from gelcoat and all the other surfaces of your boat. 

Vistal is multi-purpose boat cleaner"One pot does the lot"

Vistal can be used all around your boat to remove the stubborn dirt, stains and marks that are commonly found on boats. You can use it to clean and restore the shine to fibreglass gelcoat, painted and varnished surfaces and even Plexiglass. It also cleans stainless steel fittings leaving a microscopic coat of glycerine which gives them an even shine and forms a protective layer. 

Boat owners also like to use Vistal to remove dried water spots on Plexiglass windows and the windows of sprayhoods and cockpit enclosures to remove dried water spots. The glycerine in Vistal repels salt water so it just beads off and keeps it cleaner for longer. It can be used in the galley to clean hobs and corian work surfaces too, and it's great for cleaning fenders, upholstery, headlinings and rib tubes (Hypalon and PVC). 

A 500g pot is so long-lasting that it is enough to clean all of a 27' (10m) boat from the waterline up including the deck, fittings and inside the boat too, so we can say with confidence that one pot really does do the lot!
Hunter Channel 31 Yacht
"It's the best I've ever used to clean the boat (Hunter Channel 31 Yacht)." Fred Bishop. 

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Cleaning Gelcoat 

The main job Vistal is used for by boat owners is to clean and restore the shine to
gelcoat on the hull and all around the boat. It removes the chalky oxidisation and yellowing caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. It also removes brown waterline stains, algae, lichen spots, exhaust marks, black streaks and rust stains from the surface of GRP without scratching it.

The glycerine coat left on the surface gives a even, streak-free shine which will give some protection but commercial waxes or polishes can be applied over it. 

Vistal does not contain oxalic acid as all branded gelcoat boat cleaners do but it works just as effectively as oxalic acid through the combined action of its ingredients and the special sponges. 

The sponges get into all the tight corners, the troughs of non-slip decks, the grain of vinyls and the texture of RIB tubes. Our customers confirm that Vistal does not make decks more slippery.  

Gelcoat cleaned with Vistal

Effective, economical and safe boat cleaning

  • Cleans, removes stubborn dirt AND polishes your boat in one process
  • The sponge easily cleans hard-to-reach places like i.e. troughs of non-slip decks and the grain of vinyls
  • One 500g tub is enough to clean all of a 10m boat from the waterline up
  • Clean with cold fresh water or sea water 
  • Contains no phosphates, toxins or acids
  • Safe for children, pets and the marine environment
  • 4 reasons to keep Vistal on board - its compact, safe, cleans (almost) everything on a boat and doesn't spill!
Vistal isn't just a great all-round boat cleaner - learn more about Vistal and how it works here.
Boat and Rib Cleaner composite
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Tub of Vistal Natural Boat Cleaner
500g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent to 50 litres of a liquid cleaner and enough to clean all of a 27' boat.
Tub of Vistal gelcoat hull cleaner
800g Tub
incl. 2 sponges
Equivalent to 80 litres of a liquid cleaner - enough to clean all of a 45' boat.
Large sponge for cleaning gel coat
Large sponge
Additional larger sponge 10cm x 9.5cm x 4cm for cleaning larger flat areas