Cleaning the glass on a woddburner


The woodburning stove we have at home is the popular Jotul F3. It has the airwash system which in theory keeps the stove glass clean, but in our experience some log types are worse than others. Last year’s oak, although it seemed fully seasoned, perhaps could have done with another year. It seems that every time we burn it the glass gets very dirty, and a large part of the pleasure of owning a woodburning stove in the dark winter evenings is to see the flames and their comforting glow.

It’s easy to get rid of loose carbon from the glass – just a piece of screwed up newspaper will do the trick. But if there is burned-on tar and creosote that can be very hard to remove. The video below shows the glass on our Jotul being cleaned with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner. The product is designed to remove stubborn dirt from all kinds of hard surfaces. It is used together with a special sponge, and combined with its main ingredient which is very fine clay, it is very effective. The sponge is designed to be open so it can be rinsed through very easily and returns to its yellow colour even though it was totally black after cleaning the glass.



boat cleaner


So there is no need to buy a specialist product to clean the woodburning stove glass, whether it’s a Jotul or any other woodburning stove. We use Vistal to clean the ceramic hob, and the oven, as well as many other jobs in the kitchen and bathroom and, as a result, we have far fewer bottles of cleaning products under the sink. It’s also completely natural so it’s safe to use without gloves and contains no harmful chemicals.

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