The answer on Dualit’s web site to the question “How do I clean my classic toaster” is as follows :-

“With a damp cloth. Stainless steel cleaner can be used on the central cover only. It should not be used on the ends as this would cause discolouration. Instead we recommend that you clean the end castings with a damp cloth. Then use a soft dry cloth to polish them afterwards.”

But what people find is that the aluminium end castings oxidise (go dull) and dark spots form on the surface. They are difficult or impossible to remove with a damp microfibre cloth as are the burn marks on the stainless steel cover.

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner removes the burn marks, oxidisation, grease and spots from aluminium AND stainless steel parts in one go. It’s an easy and effective way of restoring Dualit toasters to pristine condition. At the same time it leaves a protective, even, streak-free shine.

Aluminium end casings below showing black spots on left-hand images and removed after cleaning in the right-hand image


“This stuff is amazing!!! We’ve had a Dualit toaster for a couple of years and the external panels were starting to show signs of age despite regular cleaning. After a good polish with Vistal (on the stainless steel and aluminium) it looks like new!! My parents have since used it on their far older Dualit and had the same results. Miracle stuff and we’ve hardly used any – this small pot I bought is going to last years.” Jessica C.

To see how it works and for some tips on cleaning Dualit toasters see the video below, or learn all about Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner.





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