Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner makes a small but valuable contribution to life on a narrowboat because it is very compact and it cleans almost any hard surface around the boat, inside or outside. It is compact because it contains no water at all. Water is added by cleaning with a damp sponge. So unlike most cleaning products you are not paying for water and you don’t need multiple cleaning products which take up valuable space.

It is a completely natural cleaning product which is fully biodegradable. It contains no chemicals or phosphates and has a neutral pH so it can be used on a narrowboat with a clear conscience. In almost all narrowboats on British canals “greywater” goes straight into the canal or river so people need to be very careful about what they pour away so as not to contribute to pollution. Most of the problem is with the detergents used in washing machines, but cleaning products used to clean and wash in bathrooms and in the galley and on exterior surfaces can be harmful too.

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner cleans almost any hard surface around a narrowboat. The surfaces it can’t be used on are oiled or waxed timber and some of the softer paint finishes. It cleans windows (even plastic windows), work surfaces, hobs, stoves, sinks, showers and all the metal surfaces around the boat, such as anodised window frames, without scratching. It’s particularly good at shifting even stubborn dirt, such as burned-on food on hobs, charring on saucepans, scuffs on walls and floors, grease, oxidisation on plastics and metals. It cleans away black streaks, green algae, oily film, mould and overwintering grime. It also cleans soot from wood burning stoves, exhaust marks and light grease from things like engines.

There is often a lot of brass on older narrowboats. Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner brings brass up really well, for example cleaning brass mushrooms and portholes. It removes tarnish easily and leaves a thin coat of glycerine on the surface which buffs up to shine and protects the brass so it is doesn’t tarnish so easily again next time. Water just beads off it rather sticking and leaving a water mark.

boat cleanerIt is fine to use cold water to clean the outside of a narrowboat with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner and in fact with the hosepipe ban in place in much of the country a few years ago it was still possible to carry on cleaning using canal water in a bucket. Just dampen the sponge, squeeze it several times to get a lather, clean and then rinse down with canal water, or you can just wipe away the lather and dirt with a dry cloth. Then you can rub it to get a smear free shine. There’s no need to worry about the dirty water being rinsed into the canal because Vistal contains no harmful chemicals.

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