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Fender cleaning at the Southampton Boat Show


Boat fender cleaning was again one of the main points of interest during the Boat Show in Southampton. We had two boat fenders on the stand and they attracted the attention of lots of people who have trouble cleaning their fenders and are looking for something better than CIF or dedicated boat fender cleaners containing strong chemicals.

Boat Fenders cleaned with Vistal

One of our fenders was brought in by a kind customer who had fished it out of the Solent the day before. Most of it wasLarge boat fender half cleaned with Vistal covered in an oily brown stain and the rest in thick algae and barnacles. The fender was soon clean as customers asked us to show them how well Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner cleans fenders.

We explained that Vistal will remove anything from the surface of boat fenders but it isn’t designed to rub away a layer off the surface to get rid of stains which have penetrated the material – that would just make it more difficult to clean the fender afterwards.

We also showed that Vistal leaves a coat of natural glycerine on the surface which seals the surface and helps to stop dirt from sticking to it.

There is a story behind the other boat fender we brought to the show. It was a much larger 3′ fender which we bought on ebay. When we picked it up the seller said to our horror that he had already cleaned it with CIF. Anyway, it still looked pretty dirty to us; most of it was still quite black with some oily substance. When we cleaned it with Vistal people could clearly see the difference and also they could see the shine which the glycerine had given it.


boat cleaner

They were pleased to see that Vistal is more than just a boat fender cleaner. It’s an all-purpose boat cleaner which is handy to keep on board to clean just about anything. It cleans hard surfaces all around the boat, including GRP, stainless steel fittings, timber, painted surfaces and indeed other softer surfaces like vinyl upholstery, sail covers etc. Go to Vistal online shop.



The following before and after pictures of a dirty buoy fender were kindly sent to us by Sands Marine in Northern Ireland in March 2018. They were dirty from going through the lock gates along the Shannon Erne canal which links the River Shannon in the Republic with the River Erne in Northern Ireland.



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