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Jacqueline Crawford 23 Jan 2017
Fantastic product. I was looking for a product that would bring up my uPVC Windows back to as good as new. Product did the job excellently.
Peter Brock 10 Jan 2017
Perfect for the outside of caravans takes all the run marks off and leaves a nice shine
Monica Collier 5 Jan 2017
    Arrived on time. Used today on Aga it works wonderfully can't wait to use on upvc
Derek Deegan 20 Dec 2016
    Received the vistal and tried it on a mobile home and metal. Must say it's very very good. My customer was shocked how good it was. It's perfect for cleaning all metal on vehicles. 

- Derek Deegan, D+D Valeting, Clondalkin, Ireland
Rod Brown-Lee 2 Dec 2016
I use this superb product on my boats, taps, ceramic sink, hob, shower screens etc. It is brilliant. I have just found a new use for it. We have oak worktops in our kitchen. Somehow, we get horrible round dark rings on the oiled surface. we have tried so many products on them and resigned ourselves to having to sand back the whole worktop and totally refinish. I applied Vistal 3 times on the 4 rings, leaving it to soak for 5 minutes between applications and scrubbing pretty hard. They have totally disappeared. So impressed.

- Rod Brown-Lee, Maldon, Essex
Mr M Smith 30 Nov 2016
Your package arrived this morning thank you, and I am very pleased to say has been successful in cleaning the leaf stain on the UPVC step. Thank you. 

- Mr M. Smith, Eastleigh.